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Discover Scuba

The Discover Scuba class is an introduction to the world of SCUBA diving. During an abbreviated overview we walk you through the basics of diving both theoretical as well related to the equipment.
Once we have covered the main topics, we get equipment ready and practice basic skills. Once the student is comfortable with the basics, we spend the rest of the approximately 1-2hours diving in the pool for fun.
This is generally the best way to experience SCUBA diving in a safe environment before committing to a full class. If you are unsure about whether this might be for you, there is no better way than to sign up for a Discover Scuba session.


For anyone that is already certified to dive but has not done so in a while, the ReActivate class is well suited to refresh basic and advanced concepts and provides a safe environment to go through concepts and skills under the supervision of a PADI Professional.
The content of the program can be tailored to the specific items that need revisiting and learning materials can be completed digitally or by using the Scuba Tune-Up Guidebook.

Discover Local Diving

Never been diving at high altitude in a Cenote? Join us for a Discover Local Diving course.
This experience is unique to each location and introduces any certified diver to our specific diving location through guidance from a PADI Professiona. Contact us for details and to schedule a fun diving weekend at the Blue Hole.

Open Water

The PADI Open Water certification is your first level qualification in scuba diving. It is comprised of three main sections:
Knowledge Development, this is where you learn the basics principles of diving and get a basic understanding of dive theory.
Confined Water, our certified instructors will train you in the pool on the basic scuba skills to keep you and your buddy safe when diving (no you don’t have to be Michael Phelps in the pool to be competent)
Open Water Dives, this consists of four dives (not in the pool) where the instructors will test you on a sample of what you completed in the pool. Some surface skills and some skills underwater, all of which we have verified along the way that you are comfortable doing. At this point if you pass, you will join the millions of worldwide divers in the PADI family.

Advanced Open Water

This course can be taken after you have completed and certified as an Open Water Scuba Diver, it is advanced as it focuses on five additional dives to advance your scuba skills and knowledge. You can select the five dives with your instructor, but they always include a deep dive so that you can descend past 60 feet.

Rescue Diver

Once you have advanced towards 50-logged dives this is the opportunity to focus on managing and preventing problems, learning to rescue yourself and how to recognize divers that are panicked, stressed or overexerted. A requirement of the course is that you are CPR or emergency first response qualified within the past 24 months.

Dive Master

The PADI Divemaster program is the entry point into the Professional level diving. Ask about details.

Specialty Courses

We offer a wide range of Specialty Courses to make you a more proficient diver and to teach you new techniques and tools. See the list below for some of the Specialty classes being offered:

Deep Diver Specialty

The PADI Deep Diver Specialty course introduces you to depths up to 130ft (40meters), the maximum for Recreational Diving. By reviewing materials and completing three dives under the supervision of a PADI Instructor, you gain an understanding of your limits and learn to manage additional safety considerations.

EANx Specialty

As an Entriched Air Diver you are certified to use Gas Mixtures containing more than the usual 21% Oxygen. The PADI Enriched Air Diver certification is one of the most popular specialty courses. You learn about gas mixtures and their effect on extending your no decompression time in a simple to follow and fun setting and best of all you get to dive with us.

Night Diving Specialty

Ever wonder what goes 'bump' in the night under water? With the PADI Night Diver specialty course you will gain an understanding of extra complexities involved in night-diving and learn to handle lighting and entry/exit techniques.

Other Specialty Courses

We offer a number of other specialty classes such as Dry Suit, Search and Recovery, Altitude and others. If there is a Specialty that you would like to master, please reach out and contact us to discuss what we can arrange.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than a few questions that come up before, during and after classes. We try to address any during conversations with prospective clients but below are a few of the more common ones:

I'm certified, can I join my [son,friend,daughter, etc] during their open water class?
You are more than welcome to join us as a spectator during the confined water session and to go diving while they are doing their open water portion but we kindly ask that you wait until they are certified to dive 'with' them.
I can't really swim. Can I learn todive?
Yes, in general, though we require that you can perform a basic swim-skills demonstration as part of your open water certification. This is not timed and can be done in any swim style. Ask us for details.
I wear glasses, can I wear them while diving?
A variety of options exists with the one that works best being the one that works best for you. Usually we recommend getting either a prescription mask or a mask that can accept prescription lenses. If your correction is not very strong, you might be ok without.
Where can I get more information about the class?
The best place is by contacting us directly. If you want to do some 'preliminary' research, we recommend you start with the PADI website and work from there.